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Hi I'm Dani, the artist 

My passion for art and design started at a young age all because of birds. Growing up in a town in East Yorkshire, I longed for wildlife and nature. I asked my Dad to show me how to draw a swan as I thought they were so magical and about the only bird I would see at a local pond.

He did a little doodle, and I copied it over and over until I got it just right. I am so glad he got me started and soon I was drawing from bird books and wanting to learn more about how amazing nature is. I have been obsessed ever since.

Fledgling Business...

I have been working on developing my brand 'Fully Fledged Art' which I affectionately named with a vision of succeeding one day to fledge my creativity into my career. Having worked on developing my business for a couple of years whilst working many different jobs and learning along the way new skills, I am finally ready to spread my wings and fly!

I recently lost my job as graphic designer being made redundant pre lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. Of course this was a huge shock, but has been a blessing in disguise, dispite the major difficulties this has caused me financially and mentally having previously been paid minimum wage for a highly skilled job. All my previous work experiences only brought me sadness as a hard working creative, and left me feeling totally undervalued and uninspired, and also lacking the chance to focus on my own journey.

I have now had the time and drive to focus all my energy into my business at last and am totally committed to what I do.  I am really enjoying what I have created and will continue to keep striving to make even more work and collections. I hope my art and designs inspire you and fill you with joy as a reminder to the amazing wildlife that is all around us.

Keep checking in as I am working on so many different things

currently and thank you for stopping by! 


  A passionate artist with a love of birds


Bath School of Art


I studied a Foundation BTEC in Art & Design at University of Cumbria after moving 'up north' and then went on to complete and gain a 2:1 in Creative Arts (Art & Design with Mixed Media Textiles) at Bath Spa.

Here is a clip of me at my studio starting the drawing process behind one of my pieces. Studying Creative Arts meant I have become very multidiscplinary and am able to work across many mediums and techiniques, if I choose to! 

Let's Work Together

I want to help more charities and organizations raise money to care for the birds they look after and help them stand out.

I can create bespoke illustrations that can be sold in your shop. Get in touch and let's create something together!


I love exhibiting my art where it can engage and inspire visitors to e.g nature reserves and visitor centres.

I have previously exhibited at RSPB Geltsdale where I created an exhibition in collaboration with the site reserve warden and a birding expert to display my art with some really interesting records of birds spotted on the reserve. 

The theme of the exhibition was around the postivive outcomes of conservation and its successes and the species that have now been thriving due to the years of work done by the RSPB.

Unique gifts for your shop

Here is Pingi the Pygmy Falcon, a bespoke print I created for Thirsk Bird Of Prey Centre which they now sell on their website. 

You can purchase a print of this falcon through their site here.

I can also create a range of print items with my designs that you are interested in or created just for you such as mugs, postcards, greeting cards and more.

If you run a nature charity and would like to work together or are interested in me creating unique products for your gift shop / online store etc. I would be very excited to do that!

Contact me via social media or email dani@fullyfledgedart.com

It is my dream to work with more charities and help inspire more people to love nature and share the affinity for birds that I have.

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